Schroder Ventures pursues best strategy for Genosis

The private equity house is in talks with a number of companies about future of Genosis, the company that has developed a unique male and female home fertility test.

Schroder Ventures is in discussions to sell or distribute Genosis, the medical-device company that develops home male and female fertility tests.

The tests, which can be used to help identify reproductive disorders at an early stage, are a step forward from the current method, which requires around a year’s wait for a doctor to perform.

The private equity firm is the sole backer of the company. It is believed to have put in around £10m to fund the virtual company that has only two full-time workers. The product should be approved for sale by middle of next year and will be launched in Europe and the US, providing everything goes to plan with the regulators.

Potential acquirers would be the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble or Boots.

Kate Bingham, general partner of Schroder Ventures Life Sciences said: “We may sell the company or just do a distribution deal. Either way it will be to people who have a presence in pharmacies with medical products. We wouldn’t be able to command the shelf space because small start up companies without deep pockets just couldn’t do it.”