Scotland host to £15m incubator

The Alba Centre in Livingston will incubate nanotechnology start-ups as part of a joint project between Scottish Enterprise and Medical Marketing International.

The Alba Centre in Scotland will be the base for a £15m project to incubate start-ups developing nanotechnology.

Dvelopment agency Scottish Enterprise and Medical Marketing International (MMI), the Cambridge-based technology management company, are sponsoring the venture. According to the Financial Times, it is looking to create around 500 jobs in Livingston where the centre’s developing campus is based.

Since its creation at the end of the nineties, the Alba site has caught the eye of a number of international companies impressed with its microelectronic design. These companies include Epson, Atmel and Motorola.

The new project adds nanotechnology – the modelling, measurement and manipulation of matter on a scale of 1-100 billionths of a metre – to the centre’s activities. Alba will host a virtual components exchange, a microelectronics test centre and an embedded software test centre.

David Best, chairman of Medical Marketing International, called the initiative a “quantum leap” in the company’s development because it gives it access to technologies and spin-outs from Scotland’s 13 universities as well as access to the country’s 46 National Health Service trusts. The project will also look at the relationship between nanotechnology and biotechnology, MMI’s core area.