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Concept of connection as a connected group symbol with different ropes tied and linked together pulling on a metal chain.
There is more to it than fee cuts and growth stories, warn experts at our co-investing roundtable.
Our latest ranking of the secondaries market’s biggest fundraisers shows the big are getting bigger while niche firms make their mark.
Those eyeing the continent must consider heightened due diligence, early liquidity options and carefully diversified portfolios.
Technology blurring real estate and private equity
The emergence of hybrid funds and real estate managers acquiring tech companies suggests the two asset classes are getting closer.
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From the next leaders of the industry to the intricacies of EBITDA, these are the stories that have generated the most interest on Private Equity International in 2019.
Books summer reading list
Looking for an icebreaker at your next investor meeting? Ask about one of these books.
A number of factors are pushing investors to seek outside help in sifting through their fees, expenses and carried interest payments.
The future of alternative assets could look very different under Elizabeth Warren or other liberal US presidential candidates.
Bitten apple
The Neuberger Berman unit’s foray into credit will enable to it to re-target the same opportunity set.
Technology, M&A and more sophisticated investors are shaping the fund administrators of the future.

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