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Q1 2020 Fundraising Report - Infogram
An interactive presentation of capital raising for the second-biggest first quarter since 2015 by strategy, region and more.
PEI 2019 annual fundraising report
Which regions, strategies and funds drove the record-breaking capital raising last year? Find out in our 11-page interactive report.
PEI Q3 2019 Fundraising Report
Nearly $297bn was raised by a smaller number of larger funds in the first three quarters of the year.
Among the first half's highlights are growth capital’s meteoric rise, renewed interest in co-investment vehicles and a look at the big beasts currently raising capital.
PEI Fundraising report Q1 2019
In this 11-slide presentation PEI breaks down the $91bn of capital raised for private equity last quarter by strategy, geography and the industry's biggest funds.

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