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In the first part of our A-Z, we examine agri-investing, blockchain, clean technology, diversity and education.
PEI teamed up with an illustrator to show just how diverse impact investing is.
From agriculture to zero waste, PEI's A-Z shows how impact has entered the investing mainstream.
Business stake
Zamo Capital, set up by LeapFrog Investments co-founder Jim Roth, will back up to six UK-focused impact managers.
The UK development finance institution's South Asia head speaks to PEI about sectors impact funds should focus on and why it's hot on debt.
impact investing
The Public Sector Social Impact Fund will invest in solar and wind energy projects, social housing, forestry and special needs schools.
Khailee Ng, 500 Startups
The UN Development Programme in Indonesia has selected 500 Startups to jointly launch an impact investing accelerator.
Impact investing
Capital raised for the firm's first dedicated impact vehicle will make investments under $100m in companies focused on workforce development, agtech, water and energy.
PEI 300 - The biggest private equity firms
Profit-with-purpose has made a mark in the past year, despite recent negative headlines.
Aerial view of supported hands out together
The private equity giant's push into impact investing relies on the GP relationships and fund commitments its Strategic Partners unit has built.

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