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The world's largest pension fund's private equity fund investments grew almost 30% during the last fiscal year.
Australian flag waving over Sydney
Chief investment officer Damian Graham on why the $60bn Aussie superfund is well-placed to capitalise on attractively priced unlisted assets.
An Australian dollar with a mask
A change in the rules allowed members to withdraw almost A$16bn from their accounts in the wake of covid-19. Is the sector able to absorb the shock?
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The US's biggest public pension is planning to leverage as much as $80bn of its assets in order to take positions in riskier asset classes.
Private equity portfolio for Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds
The US pension plans to quadruple its exposure to European GPs and will implement a co-investment programme, May documents show.
Dortmund, Germany
KZVK & VKPB, a €14bn pension based in Dortmund, has had to come up with creative ways to source private equity opportunities due to its location.
Fann said private equity has many advantages other investment types lack as the coronavirus crisis plays out.
The pension giant’s PE portfolio suffered an almost $5bn annual drop in net income due in part to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
los angeles
The US pension's chief investment officer said the $17bn fund had enough cash on hand to handle the increased drawdowns.
Estimates suggest that as much as A$50bn could be withdrawn from superannuation funds.

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