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The asset class was still the second highest return generator, and the pension system is expanding its programme to help achieve a 7% actuarial rate of return.
Governor Phil Murphy’s anti-private equity rhetoric during his campaign triggered a hold on commitment but the state’s pension system wants to re-establish its standing.
PEI 300 - The biggest private equity firms
The five largest funds raised over the last five years gathered a combined $95.3bn. Here are the LPs that made hefty commitments to more than one of them.
Greg Ruiz, a former Goldman Sachs exec, will rely on his GP experience to help the US's biggest public pension push into direct investing.
Funds of funds have a key role to play in opening up private markets to defined contribution pension plans.
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board's secondaries team is giving traditional firms a run for their money. The secret to its success is more than simply having a lower cost of capital.
Industry trends such as GPs making pre-emptive bids and the rise of cross-fund investments are signals of late cycle behaviour, according to the $101bn Oregon State Treasury.
Chester, UK
LGPS Central, which manages assets of nine UK pensions, joins Northern Pool and Local Pensions Partnership in setting up a dedicated private equity fund.
The Danish SDG Investment Fund will invest in companies focused on renewables, water, financial services and agribusiness.
Comments from one of the US's largest pension plans are a reminder that the debate around credit lines is not settled.

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