Tell us how your year has been

The deadline to submit entries for the 2018 PEI Awards is fast approaching; give us your highlights.

Those in private equity – competitive human beings that they are – are not shy about telling you how well they are doing (being mindful of course of advertising and marketing regs).

This is exactly what firms have started doing this week. In case you missed it, we are currently calling for GPs, LPs, advisors and law firms to get in touch to show off their successes this year, as we start to compile the shortlists for our annual awards.

To recap: our awards winners (all 71 categories) are decided by a reader vote during December. Before then, our editorial team compiles the shortlists on which readers are invited to vote. This is the point we are at now, and this is your chance to tell us who you think should be on the shortlist.

For full instructions on how to do so, as well as a list of categories, please click here. The deadline for doing so is the end of next week.

Last year we introduced several new global categories for sector specialists or other niche strategies. The inaugural impact investing award went to TPG, which entered the space with a splash (and a $2 billion fund), edging out long-time impact pioneer LeapFrog. New entrants (and new capital) flowing into this market means we expect plenty of competitive tension.

Likewise, the battle for “Technology private equity firm of the year”, last year won by Silver Lake, will be fought by a growing pool of tech-focused brands and generalists growing their tech credentials.

We also introduced “Fundraise of the year” categories in our three geographies. In a year in which new records were set in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific for the size of the largest fundraise, it was size that mattered in 2017 with the biggest winning in each. Will it be so clear cut in 2018? The record for Asia-Pacific was broken again this year by Hillhouse Capital Group, but the number of other hefty managers who have raised or are raising is pretty breathtaking at the moment.

“Firm of the year in MENA” will be another category to watch. If our analysis this week is anything to go by, the winner is likely to be a sector specialist that may not even raise blind-pool funds.

Click here to review the categories and throw your hat into the ring. We look forward to hearing from you.

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