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The Secondaries Market

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Publication date:
08 December 2016
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Led by Greenhill Cogent and with expert commentary from eleven market leading practitioners, this book benchmarks best practice for new and established sector players of all types and sizes.

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Strategies for buyers, sellers, fund managers and advisors

The secondaries market has become an increasingly established and accepted part of the mix for private equity, infrastructure, real estate and other related asset classes. While there is no single disruptive change within the market, the range of players using the market, their motivations for doing so, and the types of transaction they use are growing in size and complexity. The secondaries market is forecast to be buoyant for many years to come.

Edited by Greenhill Cogent, Private Equity International’s The Secondaries Market guide benchmarks best practice for new and established sector players of all types and sizes, including: institutional investors, fund managers, legal practitioners, advisors and accountants. Whether you regard ‘secondaries’ as a sector, an industry, a portfolio management tool or simply an investment strategy, this book is a comprehensive guide to navigating a dynamic, innovative, maturing and increasingly global market opportunity. 
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What this book covers:

  • Methods of determining the value of secondaries deals and understanding the illusion of discount
  • A guide to using leverage in secondaries transactions
  • Best practice for ‘real’ assets, including: real estate, infrastructure and energy
  • Understanding the changing legal and regulatory landscapes for secondaries
  • A breakdown of established and emerging market players and transaction types, including fund restructuring and recapitalisation
Who should buy this guide:

  • Fund managers
  • Institutional investors
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Financial advisers
  • Lawyers


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