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From the most established global firms in the industry, to mid-market and emerging managers, Private Equity International is used by thousands of fund managers as a core research and intelligence tool, to make smarter decisions both operationally and strategically.

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Screen institutional investors for your next fundraise and run in-depth qualitative research on their latest activity, updated with current investment appetites, strategic focus, key contacts and upcoming investor meetings.

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Effective decisions cannot be made without context. That’s where PEI comes in, with award-winning journalism and unrivalled editorial analysis, you’ll never be caught out of the loop.

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Anticipate trends

Get ahead of rising trends in fundraising, LP sentiment, GP strategy, regional and sector analysis with PEI’s deep-dive special reports, where we gather insight from the sharpest minds and top names in the industry.

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Stay up to date with other closed-end fund vehicles currently in the market, other GP activity and the current state of PE fundraising.

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