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A regulatory crackdown, ongoing pandemic disruption and an uncertain macroeconomic environment has some investors rethinking their approach to China, write Alex Lynn and Amy Carroll.
Fund sizes ballooned across the board last year, averaging $530m, nearly a 50% increase in merely five years, according to PEI data.
Private equity has been slow to embrace the use of artificial intelligence, but data is dominant and those that fail to leverage its power may be left behind.
Good environmental, social and corporate governance is essential, but the operating models to support those practices still have room to mature.
A high-profile agreement on standardised metrics marks an important first step, but LPs will soon be wanting more.
Private Equity International’s LP Perspectives 2022 Study takes the temperature of the investor community.
LPs are scrutinising fund managers’ ability to deliver in a downturn.
Subscription and NAV financing are increasingly accepted by LPs, but transparency is key.
ESG is increasingly a deal-breaker for LPs and GPs are responding by stepping up their game.
Reduced economics may be appealing, but triaging record dealflow can be tough.

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