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Secondaries special: Five new entrants shake up the SI 30

This year’s SI 30 welcomes a fresh spin-out, a direct secondaries player and niche specialists.

Secondaries special: Fierce competition among secondaries giants

The competition for capital is as fierce as ever with at least seven of the top 10 biggest secondaries firms in fundraising or pre-marketing mode. Here's what it means for the market

Energy: One of the richest areas for co-investments?

The floodgates for fundraising and dealmaking have not fully reopened in a market that has come back from a downturn in commodity prices.

Energy: A tamed recovery

Although the energy market has come back from the recent downturn in commodity prices, the floodgates for fundraising and dealmaking have not fully reopened.

Who owns whom in the PEI 300?

Firms taking stakes in other GPs means the ranking is becoming increasingly interconnected.

PEI 300 generates better IRR than last year

Analysis by tech company Bison shows this year’s returns are rising.

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