Two-thirds of North American funds beat target in 2016

More than $90bn has been raised by the region’s vehicles so far.

Arlington Capital Partners IV surpassed its $575 million target when it hit its $700 million hard-cap, Private Equity International reported this week.

The fund smashed its target in three months, prompting PEI Research & Analytics to analyse the success of North America-focused vehicles in recent years.

So far in 2016, more than $90 billion has been gathered by North America-focused funds. More than two-thirds of this was raised by vehicles exceeding their expectations, such as Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund V, which closed at $1 billion above its goal.

In the years leading up to 2014, the region experienced steady growth, with the bulk of fundraising coming from funds exceeding their targets, rising from $35 billion in 2011 to $118 billion in 2014.

Last year’s dip now seems to be well in the past, particularly with KKR’s Americas Fund XII and North America Fund XII currently in market, each targeting $12 billion. The latter’s predecessor exceeded its aim by an impressive $1 billion, indicating this year’s over-target figure could rise.