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DB eVentures leads $7m round of funding for NeoVision

The financial visualisation software specialist will use the financing to expand its sales and marketing efforts and to develop its software products.

DB eVentures, Deutsche Bank’s private equity investor that focuses on financial services, has led a $7m (E7.6m) round of financing for NeoVision Hypersystems, the financial visualisation software manufacturer. DB eVentures invested $3.5m in the round. Co-investors include Gateway Ventures and other participants.

NeoVision will use this round of funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts and to develop the web-enabled and wireless extensions of its Heatmaps software applications. Heatmaps combines real time data and analytics into visual models. It enables traders to spot opportunities quickly and analysts to detect trends early.

Matthias Brandl, chief investment officer of DB eVentures, said: “We see Heatmaps as an extremely powerful technology with tremendous potential not only in financial services, but in other sectors too, such as network management and logistics. Our goal is to identify and accelerate the visionaries of financial services technology and to offer them a strong and unique value proposition.”

Soumyo Sarkar, a managing director at Deutsche Bank, said: “We have been assessing Heatmaps as a decision tool in the equity proprietary trading division for some time. We find them very useful in situations where you have to identify changing trends, evaluate their implications and react quickly.”