Former Cardano private equity head forms firm

Anna Dayn has launched Dayn Advisors to advise clients on building private equity portfolios. Cardano remains a flagship client of the firm.

Anna Dayn, former head of private equity at pension consultant Cardano, has formed her own company, Dayn Advisors, to work with clients on their private equity programmes.

Cardano is a flagship client of the firm, Dayn said in an email statement. Dayn Advisors is based in New York.

Dayn will work with researching and selecting private equity fund managers for clients, covering the full range of global private equity investment opportunities including natural resources and infrastructure.

Before launching Cardano's private equity programme out of London in 2008, Dayn was with Capital Dynamics, where she was responsible for due diligence on investment opportunities in Europe and North America. She started her career as a member of the investment banking division of Rothschild in the M&A group.