PODCAST: PEI Future 40 fundraisers on what’s next for private equity

Fundraising rising stars from Verdane, Development Partners International and Rede Partners discuss the future of the market.

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Talent management has risen up private equity firms’ agendas in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. What do the next generation of private equity fundraising leaders think about the market’s current trends? What do they want to see from the private equity industry in the coming years? And what sorts of things should new entrants to the industry be thinking about to get ahead?

In this episode of Spotlight, three rising stars from Private Equity International’s Future 40 class of 2022 – Ellinor Schrewelius, investor relations director at Verdane; Bassirou Niang, director of investor coverage at Development Partners International; and Ian Flavell, principal at Rede Partners – share their insights.