Firms battle for glory in PEI Awards

Races are incredibly close in PEI Awards categories including European mid-market firm of the year and best placement agent in North America. Vote now and elevate last year's standouts onto the winners' podium - polls close at 12am GMT.

Time is running out to cast your vote in the prestigious Private Equity International Awards. Many races are incredibly close and depend on your vote to catapult one firm, fund or advisor into the No. 1 position.

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This is the 10th year that PEI, in collaboration with sister publication PEI Asia, brings you our highly regarded global poll.

The resulting awards are the industry’s most comprehensive, and the only ones voted on entirely by the industry for the industry. That is, they are totally independent; there is no sponsorship, no panel of judges. They are your awards.

Now is your chance to vote on which GPs, LPs, advisors and transactions truly stood out over the past 12 months.

For your convenience, the global poll is split into regions. You needn’t answer every question: simply vote in the categories that matter most to you. To ensure your confidential vote is not disqualified, only vote once and do not vote for your own firm.

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