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French firm to acquire Belgian-themed restaurant chain

OFI Private Equity Capital will acquire Léon de Bruxelles alongside management in a transaction valuing the company at €65 million.

French firm OFI Private Equity Capital has agreed to acquire Euronext-listed restaurant chain Léon de Bruxelles in concert with company executives.

The transaction values the company at €65 million ($101 million), according to a statement. OFI will acquire all share capital at a price of €10.90 per share, representing a 35.1 premium over the average share price the past three months.

OFI will purchase the 4.18 percent stake owned by Léon de Bruxelles management board chairman Michel Morin, as well as the 22.52 percent stake owned by supervisory board chairman Jean-Louis Detry’s. Morin will then reinvest the majority of his shares alongside other company executives.

OFI is also in exclusive talks to acquire Pléiade Investissement’s 11.43 percent minority stake in Léon de Bruxelles.

Following the acquisition of all aforementioned shares, the firm will launch a public tender offer for all remaining and outstanding shares.

Léon de Bruxelles is a Belgian-themed restaurant chain with 44 locations in France. The company listed on the Euronext Paris in 1997.

OFI Private Equity Capital is a private equity investment company whose manager is OFI Private Equity. The firm invests in both equity and mezzanine in secondary buyout transactions of French companies with an enterprise value of between €15 million and €75 million.

From 2003 to end of 2006, over 730 LBO-type transactions were carried out by French companies, according to OFI. Over the same period, 80 percent of primary LBOs in France concerned companies with an enterprise value under €75 million.