Maven recruits former treasury minister

Ian Pearson, the former Labour economics and business minister, has joined Maven Capital Partners to help lead the firm's new expansion strategy.

UK-based Maven Capital Partners has hired former Labour economics and business minister, Ian Pearson, to serve as senior advisor.

Pearson will work alongside Maven’s managing partner Bill Nixon on strategy as the firm considers expanding the business, which operates from five UK regional centres, according to a release by the firm.

While Maven has not yet finalised its plans for expansion, a spokesman revealed the firm is considering ideas for greater activity in European and Asian markets, and additionally looking at investment in the technology sector. 

Pearson’s wide network of contacts and private equity experience will provide Maven the necessary resources for a successful expansion, added the spokesman.

Pearson praised Maven’s investment executives, describing them as strong players in seeking out deals with

Ian Pearson

companies in the £5 million (€6 million; $8 million) to £25 million enterprise value range.

Maven may additionally find advantage in Pearson’s political background as the firm manages the £30 million Capital for Enterprise Fund A, the government-backed fund aimed at providing mezzanine capital for British SMEs.

Maven’s hiring of Pearson continues the trend of private equity firms recruiting former UK government officials. Earlier this month, US-based Corsair Capital named former UK Minister for trade, investment and small business, Mervyn Davies, as a vice chairman and full-time partner, as reported on PEO. 

Maven Capital Partners was created in June 2009 following a management buyout orchestrated by the senior executives of Aberdeen Asset Management’s private equity division. The UK lower mid-market private equity firm manages and advises on roughly £160 million of capital.