OpEx Awards: Outstanding Achievement winners overview

The winners of our three Outstanding Achievement awards reflect the fact that operational excellence comes in many forms.

Operational excellence takes many forms and the Outstanding Achievement winners – recognising excellence in ESG, Growth Strategy and Innovation – are a celebration of that. Far from being optional extras, these three pillars of creating value are key considerations in turning companies into leaders.

ESG has become a pressing concern across industries and our Outstanding Achievement in ESG winner – Sun European Partners for ELIX Polymers – shows that putting ESG front and centre is a winning strategy. EBITDA quadrupled over Sun’s holding period.

The supplier of ABS polymers has worked hard to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generated, while pouring funding into R&D on sustainable products and environmental risk analysis. This focus on ESG transformed the company, leading to a gross return of 8.4x on Sun’s exit.

Our Outstanding Achievement in Growth Strategy winner is Partners Group, for its success building affordable housing finance company Aavas Financiers. The company added product lines, built its management team, doubled earnings and quadrupled its number of branches. The GP reaped the rewards of such strong growth when it realised a 3.8x exit multiple.

The Outstanding Achievement in Innovation – based not just on product innovation, but also innovative approaches to management, use of technology and investment in R&D – is awarded to EQT Partners, for automation and robotics firm Piab.

Digital innovation was key with Piab. As awards judge Antoon Schneider says, “at Piab, EQT used its in-house digital team to help the company on several topics, in particular around a revamped digital go-to-market approach”.

All three are true examples of operational excellence.

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