PEO Video: An inside look at emerging markets

Investor appetite has soared in recent years for fund managers focused on rapidly growing emerging markets. But is the demand - and the demographic trends driving them - sustainable? Jonathon Bond, fundraising chief for Actis, 3i Asia head Chris Rowlands and Bill Emmott, former Economist editor, share their views.

Emerging markets have again been rising stars in the private equity industry. But will interest on the part of fund managers and limited partners persist given the globe's financial turmoil?

PEO editor Amanda Janis pulled three speakers aside at the recent PEI Emerging Markets Forum in London to hear their thoughts on this and other emerging markets private equity issues.

Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist, on the cyclical problems plaguing emerging markets and where private equity firms are likely to focus:

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Chris Rowlands, head of 3i's Asia activities, explains the allure of Asia:

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Jonathon Bond, head of fundraising and investor relations for Actis, discusses mega-firms entering emerging markets territory, as well as why the global financial crisis might be good for business:

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