Pi eyes Asia, Middle East

The private equity investor network is seeking to take advantage of the power shift from West to East.

UK-headquartered Pi Capital is plotting an expansion into both Asia and the Middle East, as the investment group seeks to give its members increased global access.

Pi Capital is a private equity investment network populated by ultra high net individuals. The members club together on an opt-in basis to invest directly in private equity deals – normally co-investing alongside a private equity fund or an entrepreneur – or commit to private equity funds. Pi does not manage any funds itself.

The 300 members of the network comprise senior figures from finance and industry predominantly from the UK. Members include entertainment doyen Sir David Frost, advertising guru Sir Martin Sorrell and founder of Better Capital, Jon Moulton.

“The power shift from West to East is very real; it will happen over the next 10 to 20 years and it is unstoppable,” said Pi Capital chief executive David Giampaolo. “Forget the economic reports; go to Kuala Lumpur, go to Mumbai – it will blow your mind.”

Giampaolo added that the move is region is not without risk and not without bubbles, but that it represents the “next natural evolution for the group”.

The network is looking to establish hubs in the region to both source deal and fund opportunities and expand the membership base.