Argos Soditic hires IR chief ahead of fund close

Constance Jay will join the European investment firm’s Paris office to assume the role of investor relations head. The firm is currently raising a €150m mezzanine fund which it hopes to close by the end of 2008.

Argos Soditic has hired former Acanthus Advisers professional, Constance Jay, to establish the firm’s investor relations team.

The arrival of Constance Jay does not imply another imminent fund launch, Guy Semmens, a Geneva-based partner at Argos Soditic, told PEO, but was instead driven by an increase in the firm’s ongoing marketing and investor relations activity.

Constance Jay

Argos Soditic is currently fundraising for its €150 million ($202 million) mezzanine fund, Argos Expansion, which the firm hopes to close by the end of 2008.

Semmens reported a strong demand for mezzanine products. “When we originally launched the mezzanine fund, we considered it to be an interesting idea. Now mezzanine is the only game in town,” he said.

Argos Soditic has hired Olivier Bosson to run the mezzanine fund and will recruit another professional.

The mezzanine fund will run alongside Argos Soditic’s €275 million buyout fund, Argos Soditic V, which closed in 2006. The buyout fund is around 55 percent invested, and the firm is unlikely to raise a new buyout fund before the end of 2009, depending on market conditions, according to Semmens.

Last week Argos Soditic joined forces with Italian investor MPS Venture to buy the renal care business of medical company Sorin Group. The consortium has been granted exclusivity to finalise negotiations for the carve out.