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Alaska's CIO: Co-investment returns justify LP participation in PE

PE sceptics 'have to acknowledge' that the asset class is worthwhile for LPs with the ability to significantly reduce their fee loads, Marcus Frampton tells PEI.

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Alaska Perm’s Waldrop: Focus on DPI could have long-term effects

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation’s director of private equity Allen Waldrop sat down with PEI’s Madeleine Farman on the sidelines of PEI Group’s NEXUS 2024 summit.

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Alignment is critical to LPs accepting continuation vehicles

Panellists at PEI Group’s NEXUS 2024 summit discuss the blurring of the lines between secondaries and co-investments.

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LPs get in on the action with co-investment

LPs want more co-investments and are increasingly participating in more complex transactions with GPs.

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Alaska Permanent debates use of high-risk leverage tools

CIO Marcus Frampton proposed adding a 25% leverage to the fund in a special board meeting on Monday.

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Recallable NAV loans: The 'zero-sum game' leaving LPs in a bind

A stipulation that capital distributed to LPs via NAV facilities can be recalled is creating headaches for some investors.

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Alaska Permanent hears the case for increasing fossil fuel investments

Fossil fuel-based energy production is needed to support more electrification and increased transmission in the economy, Utah Retirement Systems' CIO tells the sovereign wealth fund's board.

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SBCERA approves private equity pacing plan

The California-based pension has approved a 25% reduction in its private equity budget for 2023.

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marker icon801 West 10th Street, Suite 302, Juneau, 99801, United States
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NameJob titleLocationEmail
user imageMr. Allen Waldrop
Job titleDirector of Private Equity Investments
LocationJuneau, United States
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user imageMs. Catherine Hatch
Job titleInvestment Analayst
LocationJuneau, United States
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user imageMr. Chirag H. Shah
Job titleSenior Portfolio Manager, Private Equity
LocationJuneau, United States
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user imageMr. Deven Mitchell
Job titleExecutive Director and Chief Executive Officer
LocationJuneau, United States
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