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PEI Q3 2019 Fundraising Report

DOWNLOAD: Q3 fundraising dips to lowest since 2015

Nearly $297bn was raised by a smaller number of larger funds in the first three quarters of the year.

Side Letter: Keeping LPs ‘super happy’, Permira’s €11bn, KKR departure

One of BC Partners' top dealmakers says partial exits of assets to your LPs is a surefire way to keep them happy and a trend that will only continue. Here’s today's brief, for our valued subscribers only.
Pall Mall London

Permira collects €11bn for latest flagship buyout fund

Permira VII is more than 50% larger than its 2016-vintage predecessor and comes four months after the manager closed its debut tech-focused minority stakes fund.
Jean-Baptiste Wautier BC Partners

BC Partners’ Wautier on how to make LPs ‘super happy’

Giving LPs direct exposure to assets via partial exits is a trend set to continue, according to Jean-Baptiste Wautier, the firm's investment committee chairman.
unencumbered cash

PSERS reveals sub lines make up nearly 11% of unfunded commitments

The pension has presented its first report on subscription lines exposure, and plans to communicate the data every quarter, according to chief investment officer James Grossman.

Side Letter: ESG-linked credit lines, PSERS’ co-investments, LBO high pricing

Dutch bank ING appears to have worked out how to encourage better sustainable investing: peg a GP's credit line to its ESG performance. Here’s today's brief, for our valued subscribers only.
Big data and artificial intelligence

Investment robots and why they won’t take your PE job

Switching from human-centred to machine-centred investment decision-making is still a tough sell, according to executives from firms including M&G and TA Associates.
Under the hood

ING’s ESG credit facility: Under the hood

PEI caught up with Fi Dinh, who led ING's first ESG-linked revolving credit facility, to discuss fund terms, interest rate calculations and sustainability targets.

Why carry makes up only 2% of EQT’s revenue

Only a tiny proportion of the giant listed firm's €40bn assets under management is paying carried interest.

Inside PSERS’ co-investment programme

The pension system has reviewed opportunities from more than 20 GPs and made more than 54 private equity co-investments.

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