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Wafra Europe managing director Tom Rotherham-Winqvist offers some advice to new managers looking to establish themselves on the private equity scene.
Impact train
That impact funds continue to attract capital during a flight to safety is evidence of LPs’ shifting priorities.
Nick Lockley, PEI’s EMEA conferences director, shares his insight into how to get the most out of mass online meetings.
Stack of pancakes steaming
The secondaries market is more seller-friendly than ever, allowing sponsors to push terms that surprise even seasoned pros. This is unlikely to last.
Investors cannot afford to ignore a GP set that has largely outperformed industry benchmarks, even during a pandemic.
Vikram Gandhi, founder of India-focused Asha Impact, was clear at the outset that he wanted an investment rather than a philanthropy model.
Fans at stadium
Live sporting events have been some of the most disrupted due to covid-19, and yet private equity is still betting on big returns from the sector.
Robert Smith
The non-prosecution agreement signed by Robert Smith keeps him out of court, but the next test will be investors’ tolerance of tax evasion.
Opening door to shopping mall
The pandemic has accelerated the number of fund placement executives going in-house.
People climbing up to the success, for the better income, salary, pay raise. Business concept illustration.
Nigel Mills is seeing firms take a bullish view of the near-term future and growth in the size of investment teams.

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