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Our in-house take on what news, trends and developments affecting the secondaries market means to its different participants. In these weekly commentaries we stir discussion and prompt debate as well as comment on issues important to market participants in a lively and thought-provoking way.

Bipartisan words of support for private equity suggest proposed legislation that could devastate the industry would be unlikely to survive Congress – possibly even the House. That doesn’t mean the fight won’t get louder and uglier.
The US Chamber of Commerce has thrown its weight behind private equity; the industry shouldn’t expect pressure to let up while Elizabeth Warren is still in the race.
Pressure meter
Asset owners are the ones with the power to push the diversity agenda.
We are now accepting submissions for the 2019 PEI Awards. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your highlights with us before we draw up the shortlists.
Consolidated Pastoral Company, Australia’s largest cattle business, announced this week that it may be bought out by the Terra Firma founder in a personal capacity.
In our latest Deep Dive we highlight three firms quietly shaping the future of private equity.
The firm has just raised $26bn; would it be able to invest it if market conditions change?
Concept of connection as a connected group symbol with different ropes tied and linked together pulling on a metal chain.
There is more to it than fee cuts and growth stories, warn experts at our co-investing roundtable.
Our latest ranking of the secondaries market’s biggest fundraisers shows the big are getting bigger while niche firms make their mark.
Those eyeing the continent must consider heightened due diligence, early liquidity options and carefully diversified portfolios.

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