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Our in-house take on what news, trends and developments affecting the secondaries market means to its different participants. In these weekly commentaries we stir discussion and prompt debate as well as comment on issues important to market participants in a lively and thought-provoking way.

The leaders of some of the most prominent firms have spoken out about discrimination.
The time will soon come when a pre-coronavirus track record won’t count for much; LPs will be judging managers on how they rise to the challenges in the coming quarters.
Private equity sponsors may find themselves in need of capital due to the covid-19 crisis. Enter: the secondaries market.
Investors are expecting their GPs to do everything they can to save portfolio companies and keep employees on the payroll – and that includes accepting eligible government support.
Investors who rushed to join the country’s digital revolution are facing issues pre-dating the pandemic that could spell the end of private equity’s golden age.
Excluding private equity-backed companies from government assistance programmes only harms those pensions and employees society is striving to protect.
Kyoto, Japan
Our annual Japan Special showcases the tenacious local managers that have persisted through a tough market. It is this grit and determination that gives them confidence to face the next downturn.
We caused a stir with reports of unnamed LP defaults this week; was it a storm in a teacup?
Change concepts with orange paper airplane leading among white
A statement from pensions with combined assets of nearly $2trn is a clear warning to sceptics.
forest fire climate change
Private capital is starting to feel the force of the climate crisis tipping point.

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