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Some sponsors are still able to drive aggressive terms in GP-led deals, though perhaps not for much longer.
planet explodes
Recent SEC proposals could upend practices that have been 'widely accepted for decades in the PE industry', says Morgan Lewis partner Jedd Wider.
Wealthy individuals must grapple with at least two setbacks compared with their institutional peers when considering adding private equity to their portfolios
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LPs are focusing their attention on GP commitments and fund sizes, as well as more protections, in a heady fundraising environment.
Market conditions and employee expectations have led to a decline in reported happiness when it comes to remuneration, according to research from Benchmark Compensation.
Unigestion Emerging Managers Europe Conference
From bad leaver clauses to provisions on launching successor funds, protections are in place for investors backing first-time funds, a panel has heard at Unigestion’s emerging managers conference.
Pioneering fund managers are making the ultimate GP prize – carried interest – contingent on impact or ESG metrics. Is this the future?
Farmland, emissions, carbon, wind
A trickle of fund managers choosing to link carried interest to their impact and ESG targets is good news for private markets, showing the industry is serious about its sustainability goals.
On Thursday, a policy with wide-reaching implications for the private equity industry moves from the Ways and Means Committee to the floor of the House of Representatives.
Less than half of LPAs require co-investments to be on ‘substantially similar’ terms as the fund investment, according to asset management consultancy MJ Hudson.

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