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  • Annual & Quarterly Fundraising Reports

    The Fundraising Reports, from Private Equity International Research and Analytics, analyse the current state of the private equity fundraising market and detail the significant trends that affected the market in each quarter starting from 2013 until now.

  • The H1 2017 Fundraising Report

    It’s bigger and better for the private equity industry this year as H1 fundraising reached $264 billion, surpassing capital raised by funds holding a final close in any first half of the year since the financial crisis.

    Despite a decline in total capital targeted by funds in market on 1 July – $647 billion – compared with previous years, the number of funds in market has increased from 2,342 on 1 July 2016 to 2,464 funds this year. Get more in-depth analysis by downloading the report now.

    The report includes:

    • Ten largest funds closed in Q2
    • Analysis of PE fundraising from 2010 – H1 2017
    • Strategy and regional breakdown of funds in market  
    • A Q&A with Christopher Schelling, Director, Texas Municipal Retirement System
    • The latest LP insights  
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          Titles - 2017
           Q1 2017 Fundraising Report - thumbnail    

    The Q1 2017 Fundraising Report

    • Ten largest funds closed in Q1
    • Analysis of PE fundraising from 2010 – Q1 2017
    • Strategy and regional breakdown of funds in market
    • Ten largest closed-ended funds in market
    • The latest LP insights

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           Q1 Fundraising Report 2016    

    The Q1 2016 Fundraising Report

    • Investor appetite for fundraising in Q1
    • Largest ten funds to close
    • Difference between total capital targeted and raised
    • Country focus: Spain
    • Interview with Rodney A. Lumpkin, CFA of SEI

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      H1 2016 Fundraising Report     

    The H1 2016 Fundraising Report

    • Sector-specific funds closed in H1 2016, by regional focus
    • Funds in market, 1 July 2015 vs. 1 July 2016
    • 'Country in Focus' analysis on India 
    • A Q&A with Vivina Berla, co-Managing Partner, Sarona Asset Management 

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      Q3 2016 Fundraising Report   The Q3 2016 Fundraising Report

    • Analysis of private equity fundraising from 2010 - Q3 2016
    • The largest ten funds to close in Q3 2016
    • Most popular strategy by region in Q3 2016
    • Funds in market, 1 Oct 2015 vs. 1 Oct 2016
    • Country in Focus' analysis on South Korea
    • A Q&A with Arne Vagn Olsen, Chief Investment Officer, Stapi lífeyrissjóður

      PEI Annual Fundraising Report 2016   The Annual Fundraising Report 2016

    • Analysis of PE fundraising from 2010-16
    • The largest ten funds to close in 2016
    • Funds in market, 1 January 2017 vs. 1 January 2016
    • 'Country in Focus' analysis on Canada
    • Interview with Vijoy Chattergy, CIO, Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii

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    The Q1 Fundraising Report 2015 


    The Q1 2015 Fundraising Review

    • Lowest number of closed funds since
    • GPs more able to meet stated targets  
    • Australian fundraising struggles  
    • An interview with Enrique Cuan of
      Mercury Capital Advisors  

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       PEI Q2 Report 2015  

    The Q2 2015 Fundraising Report

    • Sector-specific funds remain popular, as total fundraising cools off 
    • Fall in investor interest in Brazil since 2011  
    • Univest explains its approach to the asset class  
    • A look at the top 50 LPs committing and investing in the asset class   

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    Q3 Fundraising Report 2015 cover 


    The Q3 2015 Fundraising Report 

    • Second highest third quarter fund raise since 2008 
    • Number of fund closes continues to fall  
    • Highest number of vehicles in market since the financial crisis    
    • Interview with Corporación Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital (Fondo de Fondos)

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       Q1 2016 cover image  

    The Annual Fundraising Report 2015

    • A number of large fund closes throughout the year
    • Average size of vehicles increases
    • African fundraising on the rise   
    • Interview with Nils Rode, Managing Director of Adveq 
    • Family offices plan to commit more to private equity 

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               The Q1 2014 Fundraising Review      The Q1 2014 Fundraising Review

    • Fundraisers’ strong start to the year 2014 
    • Our analysis on the make-up on the funds seeking investor capital 
    • A focus on Russia’s private equity fundraising and LP community 
    • An interview with Andrea Auerbach of Cambridge Associates 

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          The Q2 2014 Fundraising Review     
    The Q2 2014 Fundraising Review

    • Why we expect 2014 to be the strongest year since the crisis 
    • Our analysis on India's GP-LP relationships and what the future may hold for the country 
    • Highlights from conversations we had with LPs 
    • An interview with Mark Calnan of Towers Watson

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      The Q3 2014 Fundraising Review   The Q3 2014 Fundraising Review

    • How fundraising has slowed in the third quarter 
    • Why interest in France has rebounded in 2014 
    • The key points from our LP conversations 
    • An interview with Kelly DePonte of Probitas Partners

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      The Annual Fundraising Review 2014   The Annual Fundraising Review 2014

    • Fundraising cools off in 2014 
    • North American buyouts reaffirmed as investors' most popular strategy
    • LPs shift their concern towards availability of debt and valuations 
    • Investor capital returns to emerging Asia

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             The Q1 2013 Fundraising Review   The Q1 2013 Fundraising Review

    • Q1 2013 fundraising analysis  
    • Funds in market review  
    • LP news  
    • LP in focus - AP Fonden 1  
    • LP analysis 
    • Foundation watch 

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      The Q2 2013 Fundraising Review   The Q2 2013 Fundraising Review

    • Q2 2013 fundraising analysis 
    • Funds in market review 
    • PEI 300 
    • LP news 
    • LP in focus – Connecticut State Treasury 
    • Annual LP Sentiment Survey 2013

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      The Q3 2013 Fundraising Review   The Q3 2013 Fundraising Review

    • Q3 2013 fundraising analysis 
    • Breakdown of the strategic and regional focus of managers seeking capital from investors
    • UK's leading players in the private equity markets
    • Insight to how smaller pension funds gain access to private equity 
    • The most active fund investors

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      The Annual Fundraising Review 2013   The Annual Fundraising Review 2013

    • Commentary on a successful 2013
    • Analysis on the make-up on the funds seeking investor capital
    • Spotlight on the major players
    • People moves and allocation 
    • State of Wisconsin Investment Board reveals plans for 2014 
    • How Family Offices and Foundations approach private equity

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      Our R&A team:

    Private Equity International has teams of researchers and analysts based in London, New York and Hong Kong, who are in constant contact with investors and fund managers across the world. 

    Our researchers are also on hand to conduct bespoke research requests and respond to client queries. So, if you need an update on a particular LP or GP profile, you can contact us by phone or ask us a question online and we'll get back to you from one of our three offices.  
      Our methodology:

    Our unique market access means LPs and GPs take our calls and answer our questions. So our investor and fund data is constantly maintained and kept fresh. We constantly monitor multiple news sources and regulatory filings to ensure that our LP profiles and GP profiles database are up to date with current events. 

    Also, interviews, insight and analysis from Private Equity International's journalists are delivered alongside the raw facts and figures giving you the full picture on LPs and GPs.