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US and European bases of operation will 'give us runway to continue doing what we’ve been doing', says PE chief Jim Pittman, including 'growing our book of directs'.
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The UK’s £34.6bn medical research endowment warns of difficult period ahead for private equity, marked by subdued distributions and longer fundraising cycles.
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Zombie funds, LP substitutions and a dealmaking rebound could be on the cards for the Asia-Pacific private equity markets this year.
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GP and LPs, including the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and Alaska Permanent Fund, have contended with staff turnover at a time of congested fundraising and market uncertainty.
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Several of PE's largest firms have made real strides in expanding access this year, though questions remain over whether individual investors are being adequately educated.
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Council members asked investment staff for more allocation options due to liquidity concerns.
In this second episode of our miniseries Private Markets and the End of Cheap Money, we talk to LPs about allocation shifts, impacts on fundraising and what investors are looking for out of their GPs as rates rise.
Only 27% of LPs plan to increase their allocations to private equity over the next 12 months, down from 42% six months ago, according to Coller Capital’s latest barometer.
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Marcus Frampton said private equity hasn't yet had a correction and that he was stunned to see the multiples being paid for small, private companies.
ILPA names Jennifer Choi as CEO
The LP representative group has opted for continuity after the post became vacant in June.

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