Private equity has probably outperformed public equities over the past 21 years but the uncertainty around performance and how it is measured remains a sticking point for the industry, writes Rod James.
In the early 2000s, private equity was a niche industry backed by a small group of institutional investors. Roll on two decades and the picture couldn’t be more different, writes Nicholas Neveling.
21 Changemakers: from Apollo’s Marc Rowan to Jeremy Coller of Coller Capital.
21 Changemakers: from KKR’s Pete Stavros to Wol Kolade of Livingbridge.
21 Changemakers: from the partners of Petershill to Dave Swensen, formerly of Yale University.
Fund sizes, LP communications and investor appetite for particular structures are all markedly different from the heady days of pre-crisis fundraising.
21 Changemakers: from Evercore’s Nigel Dawn to Kathy Jeramaz-Larson, formerly of ILPA.
PEI’s list of 21 Changemakers highlights the pioneers, partners and personalities who have had an outsized impact on the industry, and those whose actions continue to shape its future.
Asia-Pacific family offices are hungrier for private equity funds than their international peers. Plus: inflation could drive LPs towards debt and infrastructure next year and Italy's Ambienta wants to launch a raft of products. Here’s today's brief, for our valued subscribers only.
It’s not often that PEI interviews someone who speaks frankly about living ‘in danger’. In 2019, Bill Browder, once the most prolific international investor in Russia, did just that.

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