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Full interest deductibility is critical for PE – AIC

The message to lawmakers is simple: do not harm a long-standing, proven catalyst for business success, says the industry body's president and chief executive.

A sensible Brexit, not soft or hard

Nick Campsie, a private equity investor and former Remain campaigner, on the unhelpful terminology of the UK’s negotiations to leave the EU.

Ares: Firms must plan for ‘hard Brexit’

The global fund manager is considering a move to continental Europe as the uncertainty continues.

Why changing interest deductibility could turn PE ‘upside down’

US GPs do not seem too concerned about a tax reform limiting interest expense deductibility.

The toothless tiger of carry tax reform

A change to the taxation of carried interest is still technically on the cards in the US.

Mnuchin: a friend of private markets

The Treasury Secretary will soon unveil the administration’s new tax plan, which is likely to keep the carry interest tax unchanged.

No excuses for massaging the truth

The SEC has found numerous incidents of firms breaking its Advertising Rule; it has to stop.

SEC to crack down on misleading marketing materials

The regulator issued a risk alert after finding consistent shortcomings in the way performance is advertised.

Monumental tax change afoot for US PE firms

Interest paid on new loans will be taxable under reform proposals, but the rules are unlikely to apply to existing loans.

PE set to sidestep US carry tax changes

Tax on carry is back in the spotlight and private equity managers are likely to escape a proposed overhaul, according to comments from US Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin.