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In an era defined by uncertainty, how does anyone plan for the year ahead? In this sixth and final episode of Disruption Matters, a panel of experts discusses how they're preparing for whatever 2023 brings.
GPs often underestimate the effort and expertise required to service their management companies, but with the right resources, they can stay in the good graces of regulators and focus on delivering returns.
Increased scrutiny has made cybersecurity more important than ever for fund managers, but vital steps to avoid disaster need not be costly or complex.
The M&A boom in the fund administration industry is gathering pace, but can these new larger players maintain the same level of service?
The increasing sophistication of the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations may prove a mixed blessing, as exams take less time but prove more rigorous.
In the wake of the Theranos scandal, some managers fret that when their own unicorns fail to meet expectations, investors may resort to litigation. It’s unlikely, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
AI and other automation technologies will offer plenty to the operational side of private equity firms, but these cutting-edge solutions will still need in-house expertise to live up to their potential

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