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Australia’s Future Fund sees nearly $2bn fall in PE exposure

The $140bn sovereign wealth fund’s CEO Dr Raphael Arndt attributed the quarterly drop to currency issues and write-downs.

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These women set private markets alight in 2021

The achievements of the women named in PEI’s inaugural Women of Influence in Private Markets include leading the charge on diversity and promoting innovation in their PE portfolios.

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Australia’s Future Fund building inflation ‘arsenal’ as PE portfolio soars

Private equity accounted for 17.5% of the Future Fund portfolio as of 30 June, up from 14.6% just three months prior.

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Women of Influence: 2021 Private equity

Our new programme spotlights women whose achievements, innovation and leadership are reshaping private markets across a broad range of asset classes.

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Is Future Fund private equity’s most prescient investor?

The Australian sovereign wealth fund is aptly named given its decision to begin a major rebalancing of its private equity portfolio immediately prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Future Fund: Sub lines make it crucial to assess LP creditworthiness

Alicia Gregory, head of private equity at the Australian SWF, says investors could be left overexposed if less creditworthy LPs default on capital calls.

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Future Fund offloaded A$6bn of PE in liquidity grab

The Australian SWF's exposure to the asset class had grown in recent months due to its relative outperformance and currency moves, according to acting CIO Sue Brake.

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Future Fund increases private equity allocation

The Sovereign Wealth Fund has increased its current allocation to private equity to 18.2 percent.

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Job titleChief Investment Officer
LocationMelbourne, Australia
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Job titleDirector, Private Equity
LocationMelbourne, Australia
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user imageMr. Hugh Murray
Job titleDeputy Chief Investment Officer
LocationMelbourne, Australia
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Job titleDirector, Investment Stewardship and Environmental, Social, and Governance
LocationSydney , Australia
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