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marker icon50 Kennedy Plaza, 17th Floor, Providence, RI 02903, United States
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NameJob titleLocationEmail
user imageMr. Charles R. Bartolini
Job titleChief Compliance Officer
LocationProvidence, United States
Emaillock image-----------
user imageMr. James A. Beakey
Job titleManaging Director, Business Development
LocationProvidence, United States
Emaillock image-----
user imageMr. Alan L. Rothfuss
Job titleOperations Manager and Assistant Chief Compliance Officer
LocationProvidence, United States
Emaillock image-------
user imageMr. Allan Petersen
Job titleManaging Director, Investor Relations and Chief Operating Officer
LocationProvidence, United States
Emaillock image------

Nautic Partners funds managed

Funds in market: 2

FundFund sizeOpen dateStrategy
Fund sizelock image--------
Open dateMar 2024
Strategylock image--------
lock image------
Fund sizelock image--------
Open dateJan 2022
Strategylock image-----------

Closed funds: 10

FundFund sizeClose dateStrategy
Fund sizelock image-----------
Close dateOct 2021
Strategylock image-------
lock image-----------
Fund sizelock image-----------
Close dateMar 2019
Strategylock image-----
lock image-------
Fund sizelock image----------
Close dateJan 2016
Strategylock image---------