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Nordic giants to beat pandemic worries with largest-ever funds

Scandinavia-headquartered PE firms are set to raise record amounts of capital amid a tougher environment due to coronavirus.

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UMich announces $188m in commitments

The U.S. endowment has backed two Asia and two Europe focused funds.

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UMich approves $126.4m in commitments

The Endowment has backed three North America focused funds, one Western Europe focused fund and one fund focused in both North America and Western Europe.

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10 new firms making waves in 2017

From Sydney to Boston, a slew of firms emerged this year and raised capital from limited partners betting that getting in early can pay out big.

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marker iconBirger Jarlsgatan 27, Stockholm, 11145, Sweden
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NameJob titleLocationEmail
user imageMr. Alexander Bjørklund
Job titleImpact Manager
LocationStockholm, Sweden
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user imageMs. Anna Ryrberg
Job titleInvestment Director
LocationStockholm, Sweden
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user imageMs. Aurélia Carrère
Job titleThematic Principal
LocationOslo, Norway
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user imageMr. Bertrand Camus
Job titlePartner
LocationStockholm, Sweden
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Open dateDec 2023
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Close dateJan 2022
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Close dateFeb 2019
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Close dateFeb 2017
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