VennWorks sets up high-profile advisory board

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and academics have been appointed to the board to help Vennworks build new technology companies worldwide.

Technology operating company VennWorks, formerly known as incuVest, has set up a global advisory board to help it build new technology companies around proprietary intellectual property.

The board includes international business and finance leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists and medical experts and has representatives from Stanford University, the Duke School of Engineering, London Business School and Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

The UK finance leaders sitting on the board are Sir John Craven, non-executive director of Reuters Plc, Michael C. Stoddart, chairman of Bamboo Investments and Jon Foulds, former chief executive of 3i Group Plc.

Alex W. Hart, former CEO of Mastercard and Advanta and Bruno Widmer, chairman of Young & Rubicam Europe, Middle East and Africa are among the international business leaders to bring business building and leadership skills.

Richard C.E. Morgan, VennWorks' chairman and chief executive, said: “Our global advisory board will have a direct impact on the future development of our business. The board will help us access and evaluate new technologies for development, fuelled by the members’ familiarity with our model and their expertise in key business markets and in the vertical industries our partner companies serve. The consultative nature of the board and the prestigious roster of experts complement the network model on which VennWorks is based. I am thrilled that VennWorks will have the benefit of their counsel on a continuing, regular basis.”

VennWorks focuses on creating high value technology companies, partnering with leading universities and corporations to commercialize technologies. To date, Vennworks has been involved in creating and developing more than 30 technology companies through a process it calls The Industrialisation of Enterprise Creation.

VennWorks is based in New York City, with locations in London and Ipswich, England; Austin, Texas; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; and Sebastian, Florida.