VIDEO: Highlights of the PEI 300 2019

In this one-minute video, see the trends and shifts behind the 300 firms that have raised more than $1.7trn over the last five years.

The PEI 300 is Private Equity International’s list of the world’s biggest private equity firms, based on the amount of capital they raised over the last five years.

The 2019 ranking is record-breaking. The 300 firms that comprise the list have a five-year fundraising total of more than $1.7 trillion, with the top 10 alone accounting for $403 billion.


The PEI 300 ranks the world’s private equity firms by how much capital they have raised in the last five years.

This year Blackstone has retaken the top spot from rival mega-firm Carlyle, having raised more than $82 billion for private equity strategies.

Like other giant firms, it is raising larger funds as well as expanding into new areas such as growth investing, sector-focused funds and impact funds.

Private equity capital is consolidating among a smaller number of influential firms. The five largest firms have raised nearly $280 billion. That’s more than the whole lower half of the PEI 300 and equal to buying Uber four times over. The top 50 largest firms on the list have raised more than all the other firms on the list combined.

A global trend has appeared: in the last 10 years the 50 largest firms have shifted away from New York and London with more firms in Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris and San Francisco appearing on the list. Find out who made it to the PEI 300 2019 here.