WATCH: Talking fees, returns and diversity with Cambridge Associates

Head of global private investment research Andrea Auerbach discusses a market in which fees are becoming harder to track and GPs are on the front foot, in this in-depth 25-minute video interview.

“Yes, we are concerned about overall long-term returns in private investing being challenged and pressured,” says Cambridge Associates‘ head of private markets Andrea Auerbach.

In this 25-minute interview, Auerbach describes how investors are making some progress in chipping away at fees, even though headline “rack rate” fees remain the same; and how managers are coming back to market earlier than expected to raise capital – a “red flag” for her.

Also on the agenda:

  • How preferential fund terms and the use of subscription credit lines is making investment due diligence harder
  • Whether a more serious debate around fees is coming down the track
  • How investors are thinking about gender diversity at the manager level and “taking a step back” if they don’t see progress
  • What managers need to think about to get a commitment from a Cambridge client?

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