Who said it: What’s your outlook for GP-led secondaries?

Something fun to do when you have a spare moment. Can you match the quote to the industry leader?

Matthew Wesley: Global head of GP-led advisory, Jefferies
Immanuel Rubin: Head of European secondaries, Campbell Lutyens
Lauren King: Partner, secondaries lead, Simpson Thacher

We asked industry professionals the following question: What’s your outlook for GP-led secondaries?

Can you match the quote with the source? (Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the answers.)

Quote A

“I would expect an increased variety in sponsors utilising GP-leds as a portfolio management tool and, as a result, we’re likely to see even more fund managers raising secondaries funds and, specifically, secondaries funds that are focused on geographies and asset”

Quote B

“The explosion of the GP-led market will continue, and while two years ago the following may have sounded outlandish, it is conceivable today that 75 percent of all GPs who manage a fund larger than $500 million will have done at least one GP-led transaction, most likely a continuation fund”

Quote C

“We predict the GP-led secondary market will cross the $200 billion annual volume threshold in less than five years”







A. Lauren King; B. Immanuel Rubin; C. Matthew Wesley