Finama’s Quartilium I FOF fully invested

Finama Private Equity, a subsidiary of French insurance business Groupama, has fully committed its Quartilium I fund of funds and will now begin investing its successor.

Quartilium I, the private equity fund of funds launched by Groupama subsidiary Finama Private Equity in 2000, has completed its investment programme according to a statement released by the firm.

In the first half of 2004, Quartilium I made five investments in: Atria II, a €191 million French mid-market fund; Monitor Clipper Partners II, an $800 million US mid-market fund; EQT IV, the Stockholm-based €2.5 billion buyout fund; Investitori Associati IV, the €700 million Italian mid-market fund; and Insight Venture Partners II, the $740 million US later-stage venture fund focused on the software sector.

“The commitments in these five funds perfectly highlight the investment strategy pursued by Quartilium, identifying and selecting top quartile private equity funds on each market and gaining access to the best performing teams of the private equity asset class for the benefit of its investors,” said Didier Levy-Rueff, executive director and head of Quartilium.

Quartilium I, formerly known as FCPR Finama Private Equity Global, raised €130 million for investment in primary private equity fund opportunities. The Finama team will now turn its focus to successor fund Quartilium II, which was launched in June 2003 and has held a €125 million intermediary closing, as well as Quartilium Secondary II, which was also launched in June 2003 to target secondary opportunities and which held a €33 million intermediary closing.

Finama Private Equity has more than €500 million of private equity assets under management in total. As well as fund of funds business Quartilium, it also comprises ACTO, a team dedicated to direct investment activities and headed by executive director Stephane Moreau.