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First Round: It’s a Fund-erful life

Never mind the royal baby. As we all know, there was only one birthday that mattered this July: the 25th anniversary of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry.

But the burghers of the 'Bourg.were not content with streamers, inedible cake, some comedy balloon animals and a slightly woebegone clown (the hallmarks of all the best birthdays, in First Round’s view). Oh no. 

Instead, they decided to make a short film, celebrating their 25 years of… well, being a fund industry in Luxembourg. “ALFI… has launched a video campaign in local cinemas to portray the benefits of the fund industry to the Luxembourg economy and the opportunities that a career in the fund industry offers,” the association proclaimed.

The film premiered at an industry gathering at the Grand Theatre in July, with introductory remarks from Minister Luc Frieden, before going on to have a duchy-wide release.
First Round fondly imagines crowds of youths heading down to their local picture house, buying a big tub of popcorn and settling down to learn all about their local fund industry. Can any readers with a deep expertise on the local nightlife comment on whether this is a significant downgrade from your average Friday night out in Luxembourg?

Of course, as ALFI points out, the fund industry has brought some 14,000 jobs to the Grand Duchy – which according to First Round’s very basic arithmetic, is equivalent to about three percent of the entire population. So maybe a cinema release is not as weird as it sounds.

Just don’t expect it to be the next international sleeper hit. At least, not in that sense.