Italian VC launches private equity vehicle

The E44.5m fund will invest in Italian companies that have already proved their worth.

Kairos Partners, an Italian venture capitalist, has launched a private equity fund capped at E44.5m. The fund is reserved for qualified investors and will focus on high-growth Italian ventures.

The fund will invest mainly in the equity capital of Italian companies that are private or about to be listed. Sweat equity will be employed to increase the value of the group’s investments.

At one time, Kairos Partners considered all stages of a company’s life for investment, but in light of the current economic downturn, the group no longer looks at start-ups, it said.

The group has begun the due diligence phase on two target companies, and expects to have completed its first investment by the end of the year. Antonio Glorioso and Stefano Iamoni, both partners at the firm, will manage the fund.