Softbank Capital hires wireless expert

Craig Cooper will join the venture capital group as a partner to direct investments in broadband companies with a focus on the wireless sector.

Softbank Capital, the venture capital arm of Japanese broadband company Softbank Corp., has announced the hire of Craig Cooper as a partner.

Cooper joins the Newton, Massachusetts-based firm to direct investments in broadband-related companies with a focus on the wireless sector. Prior to Softbank, Cooper co-founded Boost Mobile USA, a joint venture with US wireless carrier Nextel Communications.

In the statement, the firm said Coopers hire is part of Softbank’s attempt to “capitalise on broadband technology and leverage Softbank Corp.’s unique experience in this market in Japan and China.”

Other positions Cooper has held include private equity adviser for the Bank of Singapore in Sydney; co-founder of NRG Asia-Pacific; and founding principal of Private Energy Partners. He also served as chief executive officer of E-world Technologies Limited.

Softbank Capital makes investments in technology-based companies in the e-commerce, software, financial services, communications, and digital media and marketing sectors. The firm works closely with its parent and its affiliated to “help each portfolio company achieve success.”