Edengene launches PE services

Edengene, a UK-based corporate finance house, is planning to launch a range of advisory services targeting private equity firms.

Edengene, a UK-based corporate finance boutique, has announced that it is adding new services for clients in both the private equity and corporate sectors.


The firm’s private equity offering will see it provide a new package of services to private equity firms, combining corporate finance skills along with the firm’s consultancy services, according to a statement. Edengene said it intends to assist private equity groups in identifying, investing in and exiting portfolio companies.


“While some private equity firms possess the management skills to turn their failing investments around,” said Julian Wheatland, Edengene corporate development director, in the statement. “Many, especially those that specialise in financial restructuring, do not. That is why there is such demand among private equity firms for us to bring our venture growth skills to bare on their investment portfolios.”


The new services will be overseen by Wheatland and two senior colleagues, Olivier Garrigue and Wayne Keast, whose backgrounds are in corporate finance, strategy, and venture capital. Garrigue, who recently joined Edengene, also brings international corporate development and investment banking expertise.


“Garrigue will bring a wide range of skills, experience and relationships that will further strengthen our team and help us develop our corporate finance advisory services,” said Wheatland.