FL Peer pressure

Awards are like New Year's resolutions: there's a value in having your peers involved in the process.

A new year dawns; and thoughts inevitably turn towards New Year’s resolutions.

Historically, Team PEI has proven to be much better at making resolutions than keeping them. Last year, for instance, one of our number admitted to having broken no fewer than five by January 2nd. So this year, in an effort to do better, we've been casting around for some tips – and came across 'How To Make A New Year's Resolution You'll Actually Keep' by Change.org's president and COO Jennifer Dulski (via LinkedIn).

Her main suggestion is to make resolutions that are “in support of someone else” – the rationale being that making other people happy makes us happy too. But involving others in our resolutions doesn't necessarily just work for purely altruistic reasons: it can also help us because we care what our peers think of us and strive for their approval.

Which brings us to PEI's annual awards – the only ones chosen by the industry, for the industry. Every year since 2001, we've given you the opportunity to tell us who you think the star performers of the previous year were. And so the winners have always known that their award represents something very significant: the admiration of the market for the work they've done.

This year will be no different. There are 61 categories in total, spread across three regions (the Americas, Asia and EMEA); you can vote in as many (or as few) as you like. For each category, we've supplied a shortlist of four – though if you think there's a worthier winner that isn't on the list, we've given you space to supply your own suggestion. After all: you're the experts here, not us.

You've already been voting in your thousands, and we hugely appreciate that. But with one week to go until our deadline, we're keen to hear from even more of you, particularly in those categories that are still far too close to call.

In Asia, for instance, there are a number of tight races: notably for firm of the year in Korea, India and particularly frontier markets (where two nominees are currently neck-and-neck). Placement agent and fund of funds of the year in the region are also very much up for grabs.

In North America, the large-cap firm of the year looks likely to go to the wire, with three firms currently out in front and the fourth not far behind. Indeed, for all those categories where one group seems to be building an unassailable lead (including LP of the year and special situations), there are many more where the winner could be any of the four nominees – notably in the mid-market, in Canada, and in the legal fund formation category.

In EMEA, it's also proving difficult to pick a fund formation winner – while the hardest-fought categories look likely to be deal of the year, UK firm of the year, distressed specialist of the year (where two firms are very much neck-and-neck) and, not surprisingly, secondaries firm of the year.

However, with a whole week to go, it's still very much all to play for. So please do set aside ten minutes, click http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PEIawards2013 and get voting. You could even send it to your colleagues so they can do the same; that's arguably an altruistic act, of sorts…