Mad management

The hit television show, Mad Men, introduced a thrilling plot twist in the final episode of the season – a management spin-out!

Mad Men, set in a martini-swilling, skirt-chasing early 1960s advertising agency, has won a following largely due to the powerful way it details each new cultural upheaval working its way through American society at the time. A woman leaves the secretary pool to join the male executives; the agency founders are caught off-guard by the rise of African-American consumers; television replaces print as the most lucrative medium.

This season's final episode introduces what might be thought of as a cultural shift – the idea that company managers might be so disloyal as to quit the parent to strike it on their own. The two lead partners at Sterling Cooper discover that their British parent company is for sale. Rather than become small fish in a much larger pond, they offer partnerships to two key executives, steal key clients, and pull off a midnight move to a suite at the Pierre Hotel, where Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is born.

Will Mad Men take its characters all the way to the 1980s and the birth of the LBO? Unlikely – that would end the stylish mid-Century aesthetic of the show.