February 2011 Issue

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    Year: 2011

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    The Responsible Investment Compendium

    The Responsible Investment Compendium Jenny 2011-03-08 Roberts Please click on the image below to access The Responsible Investment Compendium:  

    Letter from … London: Snowed under

    Capital raisers are battling against more than just harsh weather conditions in Europe’s private equity hub.

    Defining a standard

    The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) unveiled the first part of its long-awaited second round of reporting guidelines in the form of templates last month. ILPA executive director Kathy Jeramaz-Larson speaks to PEI about the details behind the new guidelines, the role GPs played in developing them and what the next round of guidelines will look like.

    Bending the rules

    Traditional buyout opportunities are both rare and expensive in Asia. As many firms adapt their investment approach, is there a future for the Asian buyout?

    Microscope on microfinance

    Recent events in India have put the sector under political scrutiny, with questions being asked about the ethics of profiting from the poor

    Shanghai steps it up

    A guide released by the Shanghai government in January left many grey areas for offshore LPs, but gave confidence in the city’s commitment to private equity

    On the up

    Data released by several sources in January has pointed to a jump not only in the private equity deal market, but also in LP expectations for the asset class

    Putting in the skin

    Axcel Partners’ latest fundraise has been given a boost by a 6% GP commitment

    Friends with money

    Goldman Sachs’ investment in Facebook may strengthen the relationship between institutional investors and venture capital, but it may lose the banking giant some friends

    Inside Commonfund

    The $26bn Commonfund has been serving the investment needs of US endowments since 1971. It is now trying to broaden its horizons

    Rediscovering Italy’s backbone

    A recent PEI visit to Milan discovers a market returning to its roots and facing up to some uniquely Italian challenges.

    Monday morning, Riverside

    The investment committee is the soul of a private equity firm. PEI was recently granted unprecedented access to the soul of The Riverside Company, a large, global firm that pursues relatively small deals, requiring it to screen many opportunities with maximum efficiency.

    Public plays

    A new government scheme to inject capital in Italy’s mid-market may do more harm than good.

    Commitment killer

    What a $40m Orange County fund commitment gone wrong tells us about the new fundraising regime for public pensions.

    Privately Speaking: Faith in the system

    Monomoy Capital Partners, which recently closed its second fund on more than $400m, has developed a unique system as part of its turnarounds of struggling companies that borrows heavily from Japanese business philosophies. Portfolio company employees trained in the system believe in it with an almost religious fervour.

    Deal of the future

    How a growth investment in a Brazilian bank displays several trends in private equity

    On a mission in Moscow

    Russian banking giant VTB has ambitious plans to change the country’s private equity landscape.

    ‘Liquidity may, if anything, become tighter’

    On the record with Jonathan Guise, co-founder of London-based debt advisory boutique Marlborough Partners.