3i creates corporate responsibility web site

Creating a dedicated website explaining the firm’s approach to corporate responsibility is just another natural step in the evolution of a private equity firm, says Patrick Dunne, the global firm’s communications director.

3i has created a website, separate from its corporate site, which documents how the listed private equity group approaches its corporate responsibility. 

The site features a step-by-step guide to the private equity fund management process from fundraising to exit, and is not intended to document charitable donations or other philanthropic causes. Instead, it examines the various issues that a private equity firm needs to address at any one stage of the investment process.

Patrick Dunne

“There are many interested parties in private equity investment and there is a clear need to raise awareness of how private equity works,” Patrick Dunne, 3i’s communications director, told PEO.

“3i is both an investor and a FTSE 100 company in its own right, and both of these roles bring responsibilities,” he said.

Dunne points to 3i’s history in innovative reporting on issues of responsibilities.

“3i has been reporting on its corporate responsibility in for a long time, and this is, in many ways, just a natural evolution,” he said.

In May Doughty Hanson, a European buyout firm, appointed Adam Black to advise portfolio companies on environmental, social and governance issues. In a statement,  the company linked sustainable returns with “strong governance, sound environmental stewardship and social responsibility”.