Altius Associates hires for US team

The private equity advisory firm appoints Chason Beggerow to be its fourth US-based partner, one month after hiring Michael Russell as head of Europe.

Chason Beggerow is joining Altius Associates, a global investment firm specialising in private equity investments, as US partner. Beggerow will co-ordinate business development in North America, and work with the US investment team on private equity manager selection and due diligence.

Beggerow is the firm’s second hire in two months. Michael Russell, a former managing director in Pacific Corporate Group’s European business, was appointed partner and head of Europe in December.

Before joining Altius, Beggerow worked for Tredegar Industries, a US plastic manufacturer, where he was director of business development.

Altius Associates was founded in 1998, and constructs diversified portfolios of top performing private equity funds for its clients. It manages and advises $8.8 billion of private equity mandates and commitments to both US and European managers.